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0 about 1 month

- please add some smell in car cause I can’t stand the smell that bad, be more punctual, don’t stop too many place for unnecessary business, late lunch provided. Should have lunch break at least 12-1pm not 2pm like I experienced

0 about 1 month

they lets us wait for 3 hours and half without apologizing so not professional at all

Bruno about 1 month

They ask you 20 minutes in advance but leave 30 minutes late. They are stopping in every city to charge package or clients. Couldn't sleep as staff violently open curtains at all stops for guest without ticket. 6h30 instead of 5h as advertised on site.

Traveller 249814 about 1 month

Jule about 1 month

Arrived 30 min earlier at the destination, bus was clean and comfy!

Gab about 1 month

Inspector was wrong check on Chinese customer who plan to poipet but let him in with us and we stuck on the way solve this issue around hour. No seatbelt, car isn’t clean!

0 about 1 month


Traveller 109907 about 1 month

1h past and the bus no where to be found.

0 about 1 month

Traveller 255975 about 1 month

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