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Giret about 7 hours


Visoth Pech about 24 hours

Traveller 92888 1 day


Fine trip 1 day

Nemery Fabienne 1 day

No toilets!!! Could not turn off aircon that was by far too cold. Blanket in coton that gave no warmth. Matras and cushion too hard. Lots of grincing noises. Too much road bumbing. I din't sleep at all 😫😟😤😡

Jordan Gendre 1 day

Cambodian 1 day

Have had a good time for my very first time with night bus. Jesus blessed you!

Chantry 1 day

Wrong timing, 2:30pm in stead of 2:30am That's y make me confused my travel time

Fábio 2 days

Bus late 1 hour, no one speak a word of English, several stops in the middle of nowhere, no space for luggage. Back truck full of water bottles, no space for luggage. 2nd bus late as well, a trip planned for 7 hours took 12. Very bad.

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