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សូមអោយកៅអីអោយដូចក្នុងរូបផង (ឧ.កក់ឡានក ចេញឡានខវិញ)

Christy 1 day

The driver was amazing. He drove well without being aggressive towards others. He was well within the speed limit, but also didn’t go at snail pace. Great ride, will definitely be using these services again.

Excellent 1 day

Really smooth, comfortable journey. Arrived a little early

ron Tavina 2 days

probably the worst bus I have ever taken. booked online as it seems to be a personal sit it happens to be a shared bed with a stranger had no idea other wise would never book it probably the price is high for that kind of bus the driver stopped alot

1 4 days

Noun Lyhour

Traveller 271231 5 days

Traveller 271231 6 days

Lyseng 6 days

ឡានខូច ចោលលុយ

Lyseng 6 days

ឡានខូច ចោលលុយ

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