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Traveller 211070 about 9 hours

air conditioner no good

I recommended a lot! 1 day

Nice snd comfortable bus Air condition included Kind staff

Traveller 287588 1 day

Traveller 296816 2 days

Szundar 2 days

Bus was clean, arrived at destination 30min ahead of expected time, driving felt safe. Lower berth has no window, not a major issue on a night journey. Sleeping berth was fairly comfortable, but a person taller than 180cm can't fully extend their legs.

Ash 3 days

We left Poipet on time. The staff at the VET offices are friendly and helpful. The bus is spacious and comfortable. My seat by the window had a USB charger. I got where I needed to go, in good time. What more can you ask for? :)

0 3 days

Shoji Tomoharu 4 days

Traveller 159527 4 days

Traveller 294036 4 days

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