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Becca 26 days

Super quick (1 hour quicker than advertised) very comfortable, cool, easy journey . Helpful kind and caring staff. Great value for money. Definitely recommend

0 27 days

the driver is very bad. he always on the phone talking and watching phone. he didn’t watch the road. so it is very dangerous and he is driving very slowly. we spent 4h from PP to Bavet border without traffic !!!

Traveller 171083 28 days

Driver was very helpful. Van’s facility was nice. The seat is comfortable with spacious distances that allows you to stretch your leg comfortably.

Traveller 219707 about 1 month

Traveller 267020 about 1 month

0 about 1 month

0 about 1 month

Sarphir about 1 month

It was a good trip. You get dropped off with a card around your neck at the boarder, so the driver on the other side of the boarder can identify you.

0 about 1 month

Traveller 267698 about 1 month

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