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Igor 15 days

BL 15 days

John Gyrud 16 days

The bus did not pick us up in Andoung Tuek @ 10:45. The office called and claimed that nobody was waiting but we we arrive exactly at 10:15 so either is the driver lying or the man in the office is lying. We had to call a private driver for 80 US$.

Traveller 295309 16 days

30’ delay 16 days


L 16 days

0 16 days

We were collected from our hotel which was great. Taken to departure point. Bumpy road but not the fault of the company. Great bus company and have used throughout all out 3 month travels. highly recommended travel company

0 16 days

Taken care of throughout. Wish we had booked the upper bed, we were lower level. Floor level and above the axle so felt every bump. but that said great travel and great company

0 17 days

ដាក់ឥវ៉ាន់ក្នុងឡានធំពេក (ទូរទស្សន៍)

Olivier 17 days

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