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Traveller 267698 about 1 month

0 about 1 month

0 about 1 month

toda tameshi about 1 month

The boarding point of Ho Chi Minh, which was shared, has changed. I got a call at 6:30 in the morning. Very dissatisfied.

1 about 2 months

0 about 2 months

Traveller 267219 about 2 months

Everything’s alright except the Khmer lunch restaurant at the border gave us food poisoning. I am Khmer and another passenger is a foreigner. While he was vomiting and having diarrhea, I’ve also been feeling unwell, so it’s not just his stomach’s issue.

Sithy about 2 months

The VET pickup address in ho chi Minh has not been changed yet.

Traveller 268810 about 2 months

Mirjam Hunkeler about 2 months

Even the food was inclueded. Everything went by plan. Thx!

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