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Super comfy bus with privacy 24 days

Slept the whole way. Great bed with privacy, charging port, a little light and your own aircon you could turn on and off depending on your preference. Driver wasn’t on the phone. Just overall great experience.

0 24 days

-take customer along way too many

Traveller 81311 25 days

the bus was too old ( the engine suddently shut on the way like 3times ) and the bed kinda small for me .

Bopha 25 days

Good place to sleep

Traveller 247570 25 days

Drove fast 25 days

Exciting ride on the van, especially towards the end when it was dark and the road was narrow and bumpy and the van was on 80-100km/h..

Late arrival at destination. Info unclear during booking. 25 days

I didn’t know that Virak Buntham provides free hotel pickup to the bus station until my hotel at Siem Reap told me about it. It was good that Virak Buntham replied my email and provided this pickup although I didn’t make the booking directly with them.

0 25 days

0 25 days

0 25 days

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