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Traveller 8277 about 2 months

The driver was 30 minutes late but made up for it by driving like a crazy person, even for Cambodia, so made it to final destination on time. Aircon very weak in back. One stop at a cafe where vans backed in to park, filling the cafe with exhaust.

Theresa de Langis about 2 months

I don’t know what the inspector is but the process was smooth and driver was accommodating.

Traveller 266287 about 2 months

Bas about 2 months

Good trip

Traveller 193081 about 2 months

Marine about 2 months

depart/arrivée a l heure passage a la frontiere OK confort correct le point de depart indiqué sur le mail n était pas le bon la wifi ne marchait pas

Lundy about 2 months

The Air conditioner behind the driver were broken so I have to sit in the heat the entire time from Battambong until I've arrived in Phnom Penh

Alex about 2 months

Fast and confortable! That was perfect, except from the AC that was too cold for me

Great ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh about 2 months

Smooth ride, great driving.

Sin Sovuthy about 2 months

Well, accommodation such as service ticket check, toilet are clean but driver unsafe

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