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Traveller 281049 26 days

Brian Brosnan 27 days

Daniel Berger 27 days

Driver did not wake me up at Stop. Next time different Company

1 28 days

Punctual. Nice air-con. No to many stops

1 28 days

engine smoke come inside the car. the whole night cannot sleep. my white mask become black when i arrive in Phnom Penh. you must fix or change this bus.

Nice trip 28 days

Everything good

JD Kellas 29 days

Sorry I missed read the 7am bus.. Thank the staff for getting me onto the 9am bus. Made Battambang about 4.30pm. Comfortable safe travel. Very good new buses with air con. Wifi on ride to Poipet excellent. No wifi on Cambodia section. JD Kellas

0 29 days

I was dropped at wrong place without any sorry from driver. At 4 am I had to walk for 30 minutes to my place.

1 29 days

0 29 days

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