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0 about 11 hours

Lower Bed doesn’t have light bulb which makes the room very dark . passenger couldn’t seat only sleep . Air conditioner is remain very cold . However I closed it . No window for viewing lower bed

0 about 19 hours

Christopher 1 day

Good service

0 1 day

Robert Vanesch 1 day

We booked a bus at 8:00 am but was rescheduled to 7:00 without any prior notice. Next bus was at 9:00 am but was replaced by a regular car.

Traveller 228904 2 days

Traveller 228904 2 days

Yuwen 3 days

Ricardo 3 days

Very good trip, bus and interior were both clean, aircon worked. I'm 185cm tall and had no issues with legroom, though I was sitting on a single seat on the right aisle. No horror stories about driving style (though Cambodia has itself a chaotic traffic)

Aniket Bhange 3 days

Bus travel was amazing. Just be sure that the space to sleep for 2 people is very small.

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