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Traveller 40315 12 days

super hot

Traveller 258651 12 days

Better service now. Keep up more good work.

Luis 13 days

Good trip

Luis 13 days

crazy driver! no caution, too fast and very aggressive with other road users


Mr Tj 14 days

Update: Boarding point has been changed and is correct now! Thank you on behalf of future travellers

Mr Tj 14 days

My previous review concerns bookmebus website and not Viral Buntham. Locations via the bookmebus website trip Stung Treng to Siem Reap are wrong

Mr. Tj 14 days

The booking system is perfect. No problems there. The problem was that the boarding and drop-off point are both wrong . When I went to the boarding point it did not exist anymore on this location. The drop off point was 3 km different. Please change now

Farang 15 days

They keep cancelling the 11am bus. They say it is because of buses breaking down, but I suspect because of not enough bookings. It happened to me three times the past two weeks. Two of those were with bookmebus and another was when I went in person.

Traveller 253589 15 days

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