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Cat Tom 4 days

Fast Travel 5 days

Fast transfer. Seats were not the best. You sit with a Bended back. Unfortunately no food while traveling 6 hours.

Anonymous 5 days

The driving was not pleasant. It was too fast and not steady. The driver was on phone quite a lot, probably more than 50% of the time.

An 6 days

First 3 hours, very hot. Last 9 hours, freezing cold. 170cm over people cannot sleep right position. Bus can delay about 10 or 20 min on departure. But arrival time is earlier than expected about an hour.

Alexandre 6 days

Il y a eu 30 minutes de retard et le Conducteur conduisait très vite. Il respecte bien les pauses.

0 6 days

everything fine

Nathalie M. 7 days

This was a very smooth experience, we left on time and arrived right around 13:10 (expected arrival time was listed as 13:00 in some places, 14:00 in others). We had two stops; I got food at one o them, which was delicious. Would recommend and book again!

JD Kellas 7 days

I misread the bus departure time, so missed my 7am van, but staff quickly put me on the 9am van to Battambang. Minivans are excellent, and airconditioned. Excellent wifi in van to Cambodian border. No wifi once I crossed into Cambodia as I was in another

Can't remember name 11am bus pp to hcmc Monday 19th January 7 days

Everyone was lovely and helpful. Will definitely use this service again.

0 8 days

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