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Traveller 300396 3 months

Everything nice and fine . Only thing in the waiting area too much fumes from exhaust of bus engine

Kemy 3 months

I loved my travelling with this Van at noon from Siem Reab then arrived in Bkk within the time expected 7 ish p.m. ! The driver was Thai and he was very informative about where I should have got off the bus and near my home, not to deal with city traffic

Unsatisfied Customer 3 months

Worst drive and most dangerous drive I ever had. The driver is reckless, over-speeding and try to overtake other cars on every occasion - whether he’s on a band or inside. He also did personal chores on the way. I will never ride with the company again.

0 3 months

0 3 months

now 11:10 AM, still not arrive

0 3 months

No more with VET

Traveller 294657 3 months

for the trip from PP to SHV, departure delayed and Driver stoped by many time to take some stuff. I was late with my appionment work at SHV

Dora 3 months

I would strongly suggest Virak Bunthan to renovate their WC in Shianouk Ville. Their current WC was not working, no water… terrible.

1 3 months

Hanna 3 months

Trip was good, the bus is comfort enough, bed length is good for tall people. The only thing is it was too cold in the bus.

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