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Barbora 2 months

Tessa 2 months

Your driver drove way too fast!! It was very dangerous. At one point he was going145kpm weaving in and out of other moving vehicles. We had to tell him to slow down, to which he laughed. Arriving on time is not worth risking people's lives. Do better.

Thomas 2 months

Very convenient

Hanna 2 months

Late for 7 minutes because of traffic and the bus leave without us. Before using bus and they are late for an hour, so we waiting it all that time on night.So bad!never use again

Ana 2 months

Great trip!

Margot 2 months

The bus I take for the first time said I will arrive in koh chang at 2:45 pm but I arrive at 8 pm ,is impossible because of the road to be at koh Chang at 2:45 pm ,so the website put the wrong schedule.

Servizio efficiente 2 months

Tutto perfetto, dal primo momento ti spiegano come funzionerà la trafila alla frontiera e ti accompagnano in ogni passaggio. Il bus andava bene, caricabatterie USB a bordo, snack e colazione inclusa. Guida ok e siamo arrivati nei tempi indicati.


Traveller 285826 2 months

Malwin 2 months

Perfect ride!

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