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0 3 months

driver should stop car when customer want to pee

Traveller 241458 3 months

the bus stop many times to pick up stuff and customers

Rude, late but comfortable beds 3 months

The only good aspects were comfy beds and pleasant temperature. However, the driver and the other staff on the bus were incredible rude. There was no wifi as advertised, the bus arrived 2 hours late, the English very minimum and the toilet very dirty.

Traveller 303034 3 months


Boramey 3 months

Late, no explanation, no responsibility

Traveller 207466 3 months

Momo 3 months

Your company's driver was tailgating one car. That driver was doing the klaxon many times to that car and got close to that car. If that car has done sudden blake, our car would have gotten a car accident. I was very scary.

Heng 3 months

AC barely keep the inside cool throughout the trip. I think they switch us from the VIP van to a regular one.

Lak 3 months

It's terrible trip, i'm very disapoint with driver's driving skill and behavior. I vomited and hurt my head with the wall. It's too many pick up customer on the road too.

Traveller 287624 3 months

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