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0 about 1 month


Lee Sungtae about 1 month

wonderful ❤️

Lag31 about 1 month

All OK. Just start in l'atelier 30min

Kaisa about 1 month

A great ride and on time.

Eduardo Boyose Jr about 1 month

It was a good experience overall. However, in the Thai border, there is no proper guidance. The driver just dropped us off and the one in their office refuses to answer where we go next. It could be language barrier but he responded rudely.

Laura about 1 month

It's a good and comfortable travel experience using express way to PP from SHV. I selected seat beside driver feel more comfortable and secure.

Mr. Sam about 1 month

The bus's air conditioner is not well operated and monitored. It is uncomfortable while riding the bus. Please make sure to regularly inspect.

Lee-Anne Makeen about 1 month

Bus broke down but did not affect arrival time

mulero gabriel about 1 month

bonjiur tres bon voyage malgré l'état des routes jusqu'à la frontière,bon parcourt jusqu'a la gare routière de Trat. Après le transport en taxi:fut cahotique 10 personnes dans le taxi jusqu'au ferry,après obliger de régler le taxi

Elena about 1 month

everything on time and the bus comfortable. However the driver was reckless. Having traveled quite a few times with you and have always find good drivers, i ask you to take action as the driver was speeding and looking at the phone. We were scared.

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