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Bella 2 months

Ranjani 2 months

They stopped for food at a place where the foreigners couldn’t eat anything. There were 8 foreigners and 5 Khmer people. Only the Cambodians are while the foreigners had to wait till they finished their meal.

Traveller 256966 2 months

Sandra 2 months

I’m sick on bus so it’s very difficult for me when the driver always use accelerator (accelerate-disaccelerate, accelerate-disaccelerate...)

Guest 2 months

Nice mini Van, but we left 20-30mins late. Also if you have a TV showing the timetable, please add some information as when it's time to jump on a certain bus (like at the airport: boarding now).

Dylan 2 months

The driver stopped at least 8 times for the whole trip which 1hr delayed. He dropped the delivery packages at least 4 times.

Masa 2 months

Traveller 56585 2 months

Michel Chau 2 months

The trip was ok. Boarding issue: I had the seat 20B, but two people were already sleeping in my seat. I took the staff 40 minutes to find a solution and finally give me another place. It was ok but the AC was leaking and I had water on me all night

none 2 months

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