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Traveller 260016 3 months

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Shoji Tomoharu 3 months

Many thanks for your support👏

Lyhour Seng 3 months

Traveller 98153 3 months

Booked on the night bus for a 11:55pm departure. it’s now 12:45am and it’s still not here. i have a 3 year old that is tired. There are a lot of choices for a night bus, next time I will choose another company.

David Maginet 3 months

We arrived to 2.5hours to early in Phnom Phen. When i asked if we could take an earlier bus to sihanoukville, i was rejected in a very unfriendly way by a worker with fake blond coloured hair. After i asked for other options he just ignored me. Very rude!

1 3 months

សូមពិនឹត្យបច្ចេកទេសយានយន្ដមុនដឹកអ្នកដំណើ ជើង ភ្នំពេញកោះកុង តែងតែមានបញ្ហាតាមផ្លូវឥតស្រាកស្រាន្ដ មិនទាន់ពេលវេលា យាន្ដសំរាប់ប្ដូរក៏មិនទាន់ចិត្ត រងចាំ២ម៉ោង+ !

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Janina 3 months

They changed the bus from a minivan to a big bus, but that wasn‘t a problem at all. The seat was really comfortable and the staff nice. We arrived 20 minutes later than planned, but I think this was because the big bus couldn’t go so fast.

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