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Dr.LYK 7 months

Good ride 7 months

Bus left almost on time, we arrived 45 minutes earlier from Battambang to Siem Reap. Seats were big and comfortable. Just a tip; the bags on the ground get very hot, so watch out with laptops etc. The driver was playing very loud music. Overall very good

Lisa 7 months

Bus didnt arrived. We wait 7! Hours for the next Bus because it was sunday. We paid for a hotel we couldnt Use. Book me Bus wasnt a help oder gave us Payback.

Traveller 215981 7 months

Good experience this travel.

0 7 months

0 7 months

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Marion 7 months

The bus have more than 2 hours late and when you ask question nobody answered. We had tow a mini bus and at this moment the driver was on the phone, it’s was so dangerous on the highway to do that.

0 7 months

Zukbehwjwb 7 months

Good ride, 1h late

n/a 7 months

2 hour delay due to broken down bus, no updates from team who avoided answering questions, and no apology or compensation

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