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Traveller 218759 7 months

Nightbus from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville without any problems.

Traveller 144 7 months

0 7 months

Traveller 220831 7 months

Sunday traffic 7 months

Service was excellent, as always. Word of caution: I took the 8:30 from Battambang, and we would have made PP in under 6 hours, but traffic going into PP was so bad, we sat for an extra hour stuck in the traffic jam. Consider a time other than 8:30.

Kunthea 7 months

Departure schedule is 2:45pm, it left at 3:30pm.

AE 7 months

Not very comfortable, the driver is skillful but drove too fast. There were many stops in between the ride from Bavet to Phnom Penh to drop off or pick up passengers.

RustyNeverSleeps 7 months

Very good and comfortable bus and very safe driver. Thank you!

Traveller 219511 7 months

0 7 months

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