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Masa 7 months

Traveller 56585 7 months

Michel Chau 7 months

The trip was ok. Boarding issue: I had the seat 20B, but two people were already sleeping in my seat. I took the staff 40 minutes to find a solution and finally give me another place. It was ok but the AC was leaking and I had water on me all night

none 7 months

none 7 months

Traveller 163967 7 months

Driver was terrible, drove fast as hell i could barely stay in place. bed was comfy but its too short for me and im only 175cm

jon 7 months

Very good service. Everything seamless. Just wish the government would fix the thousands of potholes along the road. No fault to the company but the government should really fix this as its so dangerous, greatly slows the passage of traffic.

Traveller 261876 7 months

Kevin 7 months

The driver just drove crazy and reckless. We almost made 3 accidents predicted with hard brakings so everybody put on their safty belts. with 110 km/h driving speed he was watching some entertainment shows on is phone. We were lucky to arrive healthy

Claire 7 months

Great way of traveling between Phnom Penh and Siam Riep - would recommend to anyone. My friend and I couldn’t fault and even got a pretty good nights sleep.

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