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Jake Street 7 months

If you can sleep when you travel this is great! Such a time saver! Though I would say, the beds are very small and you're sharing. For me this was fine as I'd just met a group of people to go with but maybe difficult with a stranger.

1 7 months

Gustav 7 months

Minibus left 15 minutes late. Arrived 15 minutes late. Trip pleasant. Adequate time to eat at stopover. Driver at bit incessant using the horn, got irritating after a while. Driver was safe and cautious.

Rico 7 months

Highly recommended.the black van was very spacious with lots of leg room.driver was very careful and van has front cameras.arrived pp

Tania Ahmed 7 months

When I booked online it was showing they have 3 rows a,b,c.But actually a and b are together and c was single seat.I booked with a total stranger which I didn’t like.Then they shifted me. Not happy with overall journey experience

SanderJ 7 months

From Siem reap to Bangkok. Instructions at the boarder were clear. Bus was clean and comfortable. Took at least 10 hours. Unfortunately the driver did not let us out when we wanted to get out of the bus as we were seriously standing next to our hotel…

0 7 months

អ្នកបេីកឈ្លេីយ​ ដូចសុំឡានជិះ

Rico 7 months

Bus station is in disarray.disorganized and filthy.but travel from pp to shkvle was super fast and safe driving.arrive in shnkvl in no time less.bus station in shkvile is quite far frm the center.i will ride with them again..

Traveller 186087 7 months

khin phearum 7 months

ឡាន​មិន​សំអាត​ ក្លិន​អាក្រក់​ហើយ​សុទ្ធ​តែ​ដី​ ឡាន​ចាស់​ខ្លាំងណាស់​។

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