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Robert Spinner 8 months

Probably will take the same service again, service was really good.

Traveller 8140 8 months

Thuong Phuong 8 months

The Bus (Huyndai Solanti) was btoken after 35km departure and arrived to Sihanoukville at 12:00 instead of 8:00pm planing. Totally exhausted

Anne 8 months

PP to Kampong Cham. Good leg space and enough luggage space. Arrived on time. But reckless driver (in the pouring rain!), no seatbelt! (old van) and too much air conditioning. A lot of stops, especially at the beginning.

Anne 8 months

Kampot to PP. late departure due to an issue but arrived on time. Good driver. Enough space for luggage. Great leg space even for tall people. But limited seatbelt (2 points, not 3 points).

Hea mab 8 months

សួស្ដី! អរគុណសម្រាប់សេវាកម្មល្អ។ តាខ្ញុំគាត់វ័យរាងចាស់ពិបាកក្នុងការរកមធ្យោយធ្វើដំណើរបន្ថែមពីបេនឡានទៅផ្ទះគាត់។ គាត់ជិះពីភ្នំពេញទៅដល់សៀមរាបអស់​៥ម៉ឺន ហើយគាត់ចំណាយ៥ម៉ឺនបន្ថែមទៀតពីសៀមរាបទៅផ្សាក្រឡាញ់ុ។ បើក្រុមហ៊ុនមានសេវាកម្មបន្ថែមកាន់តែល្អ។ អរគុណ!

0 8 months

Sokhim Yav 8 months

I don’t like the policy of being rigid with refunds. Ever bus service accommodates unforeseen circumstances. The BookMeBus system made a change to my location and has not refunded me even though error was at their end

G.Z. 8 months

I did five tours with Virak Buntham and I can’t complain. Plenty room, we were always there on time or before that. It would be nice if the drivers didn’t use their phones but elsewise no worries.

Matxin 9 months

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