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0 8 months

Emile 8 months

10 years in Cambodia 8 months

Air conditioning almost non existent, sauna hot. Someone loaded durians in the back making even the locals feel queasy. Left over 30 minutes late.

Traveller 251386 8 months

Marcus Wöll 8 months

Air conditioning not well working. Driving too fast and risky, we reached BTB two hours earlier then estimated, what makes the driver proud and the passengers stressed. Never go again via Van or Bus from PP to BTB or BTB to PP.

MattFM 8 months

Spacious, comfortable bus and polite/helpful staff in Battambang office. Driver drove well but used his mobile phone whilst driving (very dangerous). AC didn’t work very well and we arrived 2 hours late due to engine problems with the bus.

Liu 8 months

Didn't send my receipt.

A rider 8 months

20 minutes late. The driver was very distracted and sleepy. Several times his head fell down. The driver drove VERY fast (over 100km/hr on average), even after we asked him to be more careful. All seat belts broken, air con bad, van suspension terrible.

Chacha 8 months

Okay but 1 hour late and driver couldn't speak english.

0 8 months

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