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KP 7 months

KP 7 months

No 7 months

V76 7 months

Your rides are so uncomfortable and it's smelly. Please do some cleaning to your inside vehicle. Stink so much. Your driver bring us to restaurant stops which overcharge and food taste bad. Had diahorea . Really bad service . Sucks.

Emily 7 months

Fine - left pretty much on time, driving felt safe, had seatbelts. Knocked off 1 star as the AC was quite weak so was a bit hot (but not unbearable, and I had a personal fan I brought with me).

1 7 months

MILKO 7 months

The link to search for the bus station for the departure from Koh Kong indicates the wrong location. The link takes you to another departure station. Even if the right station is not far away, it seems right to be able to correct the error. Thank you

0 7 months

Japanese 7 months

We were able to travel safely and quickly on the new highway.

Vuty 7 months

Currently, Virak Buntham VIP van is the only option to go SHV by using Highway road. However, again punctuality is never their strong suits. After they went and took us from 1st stop, they got to another station waiting for at least 30mins to take parcel.

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