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Traveller 236370 8 months


1 8 months

Jared 8 months

Very comfortable. The air bus is so much better than other vans and busses in Cambodia. I hope they will add air busses to Siem Riep and other destinations soon too.

Hans 8 months

Great trip - quiet and comfortable. A,/C was set very low though ⛄

0 8 months

Traveller 235127 8 months

I've booked seat number 10, but unfortunately I got seat number 28.

JayneK 8 months

We got the 8:30pm - 8am Siem Reap to Sihanoukville, bus arrived early at 6:40am which was great. Bunks were comfortable but we booked two each to make sure we weren’t sharing and had plenty of room, book upper as you get window and are off the floor.

Traveller 126773 8 months

Literally nightmare. I am saved by the fact that the other bunk is empty, so I moved and get the bunk all for myself. 9 months

The bus was so cramped. 1 bunk is for 2 people, but the size of it is just a bit bigger than a single bed. I am 170cm and my feet touched the wall, and there's no other place to put my small bag and my shoes. With my husband and I inside, I can't move.

Marcelina 9 months


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