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Liu yu wen 8 months

1 8 months

Traveller 190021 8 months

it seemed like the A/C was broken and the Van hot as hell.

Traveller 22597 8 months

Traveller 22597 8 months

Daga 8 months

The air-çon was too cold and the cold air came from all hols in ceiling.

Terrible! Certainly will not travel with Vireak Buntham again! 8 months

10 hour trip 1. No toilets 2. Stops on the side of the road, had to go in the bushes and they almost drove us without us. 3. Very noisy, rattling noise 4. Loading goods all night I guess there was some fish as one my bags was wet and stank of fish!!

Nophearith Heng 8 months

Driver often drove over the speed limits, and made a lot of dangerous decisions, drove too close to other vehicles during the trip.

Dominic 8 months

Really nice bus and we arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Bus was on time and the driver stopped plenty of times to let people stretch their legs.

Jean 8 months

Départ en retard 2hoo heureuse que nous n avion pas de correspondance. jeune chauffeur sérieux et bonne conduite . Manque de place et pour les bagages ! Voyage inconfortable bagages sur nous et entre nos pieds !!!! Je deconseille

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