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Traveller 238645 8 months

Laszlo 8 months

All great

Traveller 238304 8 months

bus is dirty, Aircon is not working well ( hot), lunch place is also dirty.

Laurent 8 months

Bravo particulièrement à l'hôtesse et son soucis du bien être des voyageurs.

Traveller 237501 8 months

Traveller 237501 8 months

Driver keeps stopping to drop off passengers/items picked up in Kampot and take money

liam davidson 8 months

very quick ,,,two and a half hours,and safe driving

Rose 8 months

Punctual and comfortable ride from Phnom-Penh to Sihanoukville

0 8 months


0 8 months

នៅបង្អួចអត់មានវាំងនន តាមផ្លូវថ្ងៃចាំងចង់ឆេះ។

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