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Markus 7 months

We arrived from Koh Rong and waited for 1 1/2 hours for the pick-up bus. A nice local staff ensured us that everything was just fine, nothing to worry at all. The pick-up arrived when our bus was scheduled to leave … We managed to catch the bus.

Markus 7 months

Quiet trip. We were not informed that the is a drop-off at the ferry port. So we took a (tuk tuk mafia) tuk tuk …

Markus 7 months

Everything was fine: a careful driver, a clean bus. We arrived 2 hours early … I cannot comment on „Inspector“ … Despite a blanket, it was freezing cold in the sleeper.

1 7 months

0 7 months

No. inform change car

0 7 months

Traveller 55591 7 months

Supposed to leave at 2pm, but it’s 2:50pm now and the bus still hasn’t arrived. Staff didn’t say anything until I asked 5 min passed 2pm, and she said the bus is running late but no apology or whatsoever. I’d rather have taken cheaper and older bus.

Jessica Gimenez 7 months

The driver took so many break for himself but only one for us in a small and no useful place ... drove like an asshole and so many dangerous overtaking..

Traveller 10837 7 months

KM 7 months

Too strong aircondition after the sun went down

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