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Traveller 266850 6 months

ក្តៅហើយ ឈប់រហូត

Marnie 6 months

payment issued but was ok finally, should be better 6 months

we have paid by ABA via App while booking but still asking us to pay at the office when we arrived even we showed the tickets. finally we forced to show our bank transactions to proof them that we paid via app that is inconvenience feeling.

Chum Sodami 6 months

0 6 months

I paid for a seat at 12:00 when I came to the station they told me that the van is full and I needed to wait for another bus. It is such a hassle cause I had a meeting at pnohm pehn that day.

Traveller 267007 6 months

Traveller 275881 6 months

what’s going on? on the route from SHV the bus driver is accepting motorbike as luggage and allows unsafe camping seat for a little kid in front of the booked seat reducing the legroom

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