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Uli Sedlmaier 7 months

I‘ll remain a customer.

Kim Armstrong 7 months

On time, water and tissue provided on board - arrived in time in BB

Adam 7 months

Terrible. The location given by BookMeBus was completely wrong and on the opposite side of the city. Rude service from the bus company, driver was dangerous and beeping constantly, and a scam on the bus for $5 for the free stamp at the border.

Traveller 252193 7 months

0 7 months

good trip thanks

Kunthia 7 months

From Poipet to Bangkok leg of the trip, they switched a vehicle and didn’t honor our front car seats reservation. The operator at the bus station was absolutely rude and pushed me to the back of the van with broken seat. They gave my seats to other people

Traveller 245791 7 months

I made my booking from USA many weeks before and was given big bus to return from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. You then changed me a small bus with very bad air con and with a driver who does not speak English. I am disappointed and can do better.

Traveller 268424 7 months

Hyoman 7 months

The bus had wheel problem and we were left waiting for like an hour. So it made an hour delay. No compensation for their mistakes, bad customer service and consideration.

1 7 months


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