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Alessandro 8 months

Traveller 8708 8 months

Old orange car with high price tickets. Uncomfortable hot, broken seat.

James from England 8 months

Good journey and travel in comfort. Was on the large coach, good toilet on board, got a nice breakfast roll (chicken) and bottle of water. Stopped after 2 hours for 10 minutes break. No complaints.

Mike 8 months

Flavio 8 months

Worst experience of my life. Bus was late for 2 hours and no one in the bus station knew anything. Buses and station was extremely dirty. When bus arrived I had no seat/bed. They drove me to another bus sat next to driver for 1 hour. Company must close!!

chhing chhing 8 months

Richard 8 months

The engine was out. Almost one hour late. The second driver drove safely but the bus was over filled (12 pax and 2 kids)

Traveller 10445 8 months

ឡានតូចចង្អៀតព្រោះដាក់កៅអី បួនជួរពិបាកជិះពេលយប់

TUOMO H 8 months

Ian 8 months

Good driver. Traffic heavy because Chinese New Year. Aircon not working much. Left close to departure time and arrived before advertised time. All in all not a bad trip. Arrived safe in Phnom Penh. Thanks

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