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Jen 6 months

Driver looked down at his phone a lot and we were worried that we would hit people because of his speed.

0 6 months

Delighted 6 months

Very good service thanks

janet hunter 6 months

The driver drove too fast, always overtaking and was on his mobile phone a lot, even when overtaking.

Miriam 6 months

All fine. Driver can sing very well! :)

0 6 months

Hanna 6 months

The drive was good. Very nice roads and we arrived almost on time. However, it was very hard to know which bus that was ours. And when we tried to ask the staff the only responded with “wait”. It would have been nice if there were signs or a time table.

ExpatGuy 6 months

It was a great experience. The bus was very clean and the beds were also comfortable. The only things i noticed is that no one gave water to us and it was my first time traveling to Siem Reap with a bus not providing bottled water. Excellent driver!

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