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Meg 5 months

The bussride was super nice. Only the lights were not working in the toilet

Hans 5 months

Very pleased with quality and service! I can definitely recommend.

Sarah Aishah 5 months

Even the aisle between the seat is narrow, but the bed is comfy and spacious. The cleanliness is tiptop but unfortunately i booked the downstairs seat. Should've booked the upstairs seat so that can enjoy the view along the way. Overall good service!

Oanh 5 months

0 5 months

Bea 5 months

Fabulous experience. Could not recommend more highly. Alexa was a gem

Traveller 278373 5 months

Traveller 279881 5 months

0 5 months


Dominic 5 months

Left on time and arrived 30 min late, driver drove recklessly and roads were pretty bad, would reccomend another company if they start the service to kratie

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