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Traveler in Cambodia 5 months

The scheduled departure time in Kompong Thom was 13:30, but was delayed by 1 hour and 45 minutes to 15:15. The bus company gave no explanation, and I waited for more than two hours. The arrival time in Phnom Penh was also delayed by 2 hours to 18:15.

Traveler in Cambodia 5 months

When leaving Phnom Penh, I had told the driver that I would get off at Kompong Thom, but the driver did not stop at Kompong Thom. I realized that the driver had passed by, so I told the driver that I was getting off and finally was able to get off.

Markus 5 months

Very comfortable journey.

TW 5 months

Traveller 204277 5 months

Phert 5 months

I noticed thatbthe driver was using his phone and texting while driving with 100 to 120kph. I was seated in front beside the driver seat. I got nervous and not good practice to drive while texting. High risk to get accident. We arrived in PP safely.

Denise Roscher 5 months

Bus broke down after only one hour. So the trip was 3 hours longer than expected and a lot of people get stressed of catching flight or ferry

Traveller 270649 5 months

Breton 5 months

Correct, just road difficult

Dave Allen 5 months

The road was under repair so I was surprised when we arrived on time in Kratie Great company. The buses are always neat and tidy The drivers always look professional Catching my next bus trip with them

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