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Comfort while travelling 5 months

The bed was very comfortable but wish we had the ability to turn off the air con. My partner was getting cold. Overall, it was a wonderful and relaxing experience.

Traveller 280179 5 months

Gabriela 5 months

The bus was comfortable and the team and Organisation were perfect. We received support for the documents, a bottle of water, a croissant and lunch. But: passing the Thai boarder was a nightmare, we queued 2 hours. It was hot and there were no toilets

BL 5 months

Fantastic . Comfortable ride, left on time and arrived on time.

Traveller 235025 5 months

they didn’t manage the booking system well

Sam 5 months

pls be sure to depart on time

Vireak Rinh 5 months


Claire Precious 5 months

Excellent comfortable trip

Tarni 5 months

Great overnight sleeper with a thin mattress and pillow each. We slept most of the way and arrived well ahead of schedule. Left a little late, but that was okay. Couldn’t complain. Would have preferred if we chose a top level bed though.

Volunteer 5 months

The absolute worst experience.

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