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1 6 months

Michael 6 months

Good Service! Everything worked well - Thanks!

0 6 months

Emma Gavin 6 months

Good service. Left on time and arrived early. Two stops for comfort breaks. Driver and staff friendly

Valer60 6 months

Really surprised about the overall quality. Everything perfect except the length of the bed: I touched feet and head. Strongly suggested above overnight bus

Unknown 6 months

Overall is ok, but the van is full of mosquitos. I was surprise when driver was watching online video while driving 🫠. Stopping for brunch was annoying too. Not the company, but better choose good restaurant to stop by. The restaurant owner is not good.

0 6 months

Front seats not comfortable 6 months

My gf and I sat in the two front seats, next to the driver. They are not as comfortable as the seats in the back at all. Nothing was mentioned about this. Should be cheaper.

0 6 months

There was bad smell from the stuff below that belongs to Virak buntham during the travel. The bus also stop very frequently. By the way, the other services were great and safety.

Steve 6 months

The estimated duration wasn't accurate, it took around 6 hours. However, everything else was excellent. The driver was exceptionally professional and helpful throughout the experience.

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