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Anatoly 8 months

Super level of organization. I was at the border for a long time, lagged behind my bus, they found another bus for me, then there was another transfer. Everything is fast and clear without loss of time. Buses are comfortable

Julien 8 months

I am an experienced who I gives fair but honest reviews every time I travel Traveling with this company was so confusing that 250 words will not cover it. If you are really interested in my opinion I am happy to share it with you but without limit

Gregory Carl wright 8 months

Everything was fine until your Aircon went out on the bus. Someone needs to maintain your buses better.

Todd 9 months

Driver left on time and got to Siem Reap earlier than expected. Cambodian border crossing was a breeze.

Charles Chafe 9 months

Great service. Crossing the border was a lengthy endeavour and a bit of a pain, but as to be expected. Driver took the time to drop my partner and I closer to the airport which was a huge help, although the destination arrival wasn't going to met.

Stig Frederik Priiskorn 9 months

To har blow on cold aircon

Yulia Tkacheva 9 months

The air conditioner works horribly. And the bus is very, very, very cold. I was in two sweaters and two blankets and I was cold and my throat hurt. I will not go with this company again because of such inhumane conditions.

Mark 9 months

Excellent service. We were looked after all the way. During immigration, a lad from the company kept us informed and was waiting for us when we exited. Highly recommended

N 9 months

Very smooth trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Accompanied through the border by a very nice cambodian. If you don't know which company to take like me, well take this one.

Ok 9 months

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