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Andy Cook 11 months

Left on time and arrived early. The one thing I'd say is trust the border control process. At times it felt like loads of others were going to the check point. But these people know exactly what to do to speed the process up. Great service and staff

Guest webhans 111 11 months

Lyn 11 months

We recommend Travel Mart. They provide great service and assistance at the border.

Sascha 11 months

great experience, very good organized

Andy c 12 months

Great bus great driver.

Cee 12 months

We had the bus all to ourselves, felt like we had a private bus booked.

Traveller 199666 12 months

Rita Fernandes 12 months

Passenger 1 12 months

Just because I didn’t purchase extra service to avoid queue at the immigration office at the border, they didn’t really give us clear instructions on where to go. The staff should have been clearer or do better.

Caitlyn about 1 year

Charlie and the crew made sure we had a safe ride and helped everyone find their accommodations Charlie answered any questions we had about crossing the border

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