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Hannah 24 days

An amazing trip, such lovely staff made border control easy.

Su Myint about 2 months

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hz about 2 months

One way to Angkor Wat about 2 months

The trip was very easy. Comfortable bus with Wi-Fi on board until border. On Cambodia side, I got bus with sleeping bed and water bottle. Trip went easy and fast. Good alternative for flight except the time but still good

Driver ចេញពីប៉ោយប៉ែត ម៉ោង ២ កន្លះ 3 months

រថយន្តពី ប៉ោយប៉ែត ទៅ ភ្នំពេញមានសភាព ចាស់ ធមផ្សែង មិនសូវត្រជាក់ ដាក់ភ្ញៀវតាមផ្លូវ ទទួលឥវ៉ានផ្ញើរតាមផ្លូវ កន្លែងអង្គុយមិនដូចពេល កក់

Evelyn Almstrup 4 months

Mario 5 months

I do not recommend it. The driver was driving way too fast and dangerously, which made it impossible to sleep at all. He covered a distance that normally takes 4 hours in 3 hours. Once there, we were told to wait pointlessly for 1.5 hours! Total chaos!

Robert 5 months

Punctualy, safe, fast, wi-fi....nice. rRecomand.

Helmut 5 months

Der Treffpunkt in Bangkok ist in einer Ecke, wo man vermutlich nicht von selbst hinlaufen würde - mit Google aber kein Problem. Unser Van fuhr zunächst zur Grenze und machte 2 x eine Pause. Der Van war höchst komfortable, die Fahrt sehr angenehm. Top !

Alan Compton 5 months

Good journey. Much better than expected. Seats comfortable. Good WiFi. Charging points. Water and lunch provided. Clean toilet. Alex was fantastic! She communicated with us clearly throughout including border crossing. Made it stress free as possible. 😊

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