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Andrew B 5 months

Best bud we’ve had, comfortable seats, great air con, blankets, wifi & the whole process through the border was seamless. Couldn’t be happier with Travel Mart

Traveller 253589 5 months

Clerissa Austria 5 months

Traveller 7555 6 months

LD 6 months

Left Bangkok on time and the border process was smooth and well informed and organized.

Larissa Meyer 6 months

HD 6 months

Great service and comfy van... in border during migration process staff was very helpful from VET staff.. excellent

Lisa Loveless 7 months

The ride from Bangkok to the border was fine. However, your Cambodian partner placed a single, solo female traveler with a questionable male taxi driver, plus two other men. Shame on them. I will never recommend this service.

Lily Lo 7 months

The travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap was pretty smooth. A van brings us at the border in Poipet, we passed the immigration by ourselves and one of the staff was waiting at the exit and bring me to the next transportation, a big bus. Friendly staff.

Garcia Richard 7 months

Very good travel.

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