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0 8 months

Traveller 145024 8 months

Gilbert 8 months

Bus comfortable Departure on time Smooth driving ... BUT The driver recruits for Sarah Travel Agency On arrival, he dropped us 2.5 kms away from town at this agency where the owner tried to sold us everything he could at hight price. Not acceptable

0 8 months

Traveller 236492 8 months

Myu 8 months

It's better to give wifi service and charge for phone. Good service.👍

0 8 months

The driver ja good but seem some of passenger is annoyed

0 8 months

nice journey...

Charlotte R 8 months

The bus drivers were OK but I was not told that I will have to handle the border crossing on my own, meaning: going out of the bus on the Thai side with all belongings, walking and having to climb stairs + reach the station on the Cambodian side (10 min)

Traveller 132397 8 months

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