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0 8 months

I don’t like the driver always talking while driving , It’s disturb my sleeping and also they always stop to pick up people on the ways.Please check it and improve your service

Matin 8 months

The van was 1 hour late and i am not satisfied with overall experience

Don’t know your name Driver 8 months

១ គោពរពេវាលាល្អ ២ មានបរិយាកាសល្អ ស្អាត ៣ សេវាកម្មល្អ ប៉ុន្តែចង់អោយបងកែតម្រូវ ត្រង់ Driver ចុះចាប់ភ្ញៀវពាក់កណ្តាលផ្លូវ ដូចឡានតាស៊ី (ឡាន៥៨) ឡាន៧កៅអី

Terry 8 months

The driver kept picking random passengers on the way (which the profit might not go to the company?) so it made the trip longer than it should be and it was sort of uncomfortable to fit in more passengers than it should have been.

Nara 8 months

Annie 8 months

The bus reached at a few minites to 5am, 3 hours before the scheduled arrival. There was no tuk tuk available that time in the morning, no shops open. We had planned to go to the islands at 10am but we had to get a hostel to rest for only a few hours!!

Ali 9 months

I had previously asked on 2 earlier occasions if bus left from here, I was assured yes. On day of departure.. apparently it wasn't and I had to take tuk tuk to some other location.Bus left 10 mins early.Driver drove like a maniac, so we arr an hr early.

Traveller 207419 9 months

0 9 months

Traveller 205855 9 months

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