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Panha Kroeung about 2 years

Chankiry Koy about 2 years

Traveller 64237 about 2 years

Vannchhai Rot about 2 years

The inspector should at least know how many people booked the tickets and how many people are on board. It’s good to not leave one passenger. I arrived on time. Van is 30 minutes late and when they arrive, they just leave. Staff drive me via moto to van.

Panha Kroeung about 2 years


Vattei about 2 years

Before departing, we have already confirmed that the night seats are correct, but then came the driver asking them to leave saying that those seats are not for sales but for them to nap. if not for sales, Why bookmebus put in on sales? ( Virak buntham )

Luca about 2 years

Terry about 2 years

the departure point was not as listed and, had I not arrived with plenty of time to spare, I would have missed the bus

Traveller 172815 about 2 years

the pick up point in kampot is changed. all depend by the driver. this company in some route stop a lot of time

O about 2 years

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