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Rob about 2 years

The drop off point is 2.5 km from where it should be according to information on your website which says it is in town centre. One of the drivers was rude and unhelpful when I asked him why different drop off point

Stefan about 2 years

The bus station from within the email was completely wrong (wrong link to wrong coordinates). The booked bus didnt leave at all which no one from your company bothered to let us know. Luckily we could use the next bus, 4 hours later.

Traveller 176312 about 2 years


Traveller 40911 about 2 years

Bus too late, damaged car, Ac not working properly.

Maria over 2 years

Clean and fast

Traveller 181147 over 2 years

Traveller 181147 over 2 years

PP-Sihanuk Experience over 2 years

Driver was using phone while driving, talking too loud on the phone when everyone was trying to get some rest, we arrived early for our trip but took an hour before leaving PP

Maureen over 2 years

This trip was fast and good, the driver was very considerate when some passengers were cold and turned the AC to better temperature.

Serey Ran over 2 years

Driver did not stop for food on the way, unless requested. Driver change driver at Khompong Thom with another driver coming from Phnom Penh. So it was not the same driver. So company should enforce the policy & rules for all drivers. Thank you.

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