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Jay J 23 days

Great driver, very easy service to use. Would use again.

Traveller 58482 23 days

I have no comment in his driving. Only one thing is the pine scent deodorizer hanging in front the windshield which gives me the sneezing but he took it off after we made a stop 9vet near the restaurant at hiway number 5. going to Prey khmer.

Traveller 80648 24 days


The Happy Canadian 24 days

Everything negative I have read on the comment before I purchased a ticket was correct. This was ride from hell. The driver was 1/2 hour late. The driving was erratic and dangerous. The air con was not strong enough, sweating profusely throughout the trip

Traveller 79638 24 days

Traveller 80278 25 days

Traveller 80138 25 days

Traveller 38693 25 days

Greg 25 days

A good service.

Traveller 67011 25 days

I would like to recommend to the driver! Please, drive in a way that not too fast and make your passenger feel safe. Because, driver has the high responsibility in taking care all the passengers as our life depend on you ! Be more friendly, Thank you !

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