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Sreytob Tem 11 months

Traveller 46259 11 months

Tim Raksa 11 months

Since the coronavius have spread I request you take care all the passengers by checking the passengers temperature and if u found the passengers sick or cough plz let them wearing mask. Bus departure on 2:30 but we departure on 3:30pm. Thanks

Sokheng Net 11 months

All good

Sophie 11 months

We were late by 4 hours, I had hardily any leg room, the AC didn't work properly so it was so warm and uncomfortable. We didn't get any water as said we would. The driver also stopped so many times hence why our 4 hour drive took 8 hours.

Sereypanha Nhep 11 months

Stec 11 months

HORRIBLE , journey took 9 hours! 3 hours in traffic jams, aicon is bus is not working. Dont book this!!

Arttu 11 months

Traveller 16543 11 months

Traveller 38245 11 months


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