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jose colaço 19 days

C 19 days

Traveller 15032 19 days

Le chauffeur est fou, passer les 120km/h en pleine nuit sur des routes dangereuses. Plusieurs fois il a piler. Prend des risques inconsidéré, nous avons eu peur à nos vies. Je ne prendrais plus de mini van de nuit, avec un tel chauffeur.

Traveller 79143 20 days

Traveller 81217 20 days

Won an hour on the schedule for the trip PP to SR and you get adrenaline shots all the way. Better than a theme park roller-coaster. For more fun, driver is a third of the time on his phone sending text or calling. I assumed he was the secretary of the co

Pall Sothun 20 days

Jeremy Lovely 20 days

Bus left 15 minutes late. Driver rude & aggressive. Picked up other passengers along the way. Office toilet was dirty. Bus was old, stopped for repairs. A/C worked well. Wifi did not work in van. Driver did slow down later. Will never go Bayon VIP again.

Ellen 21 days

Efficient and easy. Bus was tightly packed but we arrived in good time, and the Ac worked. Would use again :)

Traveller 81071 21 days

Traveller 58862 22 days

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