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Sodavy Nhong 5 months

Titya Sok 5 months

Phanna 5 months

I think you shoud have any solution for customer who are a little bit late to go to bus office. Actually my real experience I just late around 12 minute but the bus don’t wait passenger And go out, so I buy new ticket on 5:30 pm and then wait them 30mn.

Traveller 37574 5 months

Traveller 37574 5 months

James S 5 months

From A to B quick and efficiently! No drama. Nice people. Comfy and modern. Would definitely recommend.

Li Rana 5 months

Laura 5 months

Jasmin 5 months

I booked the bus from Phnom Penh to Pursat and set the pick up location to a hotel. 30 minutes before my departure I called the bus company and they said they would not pick me ups however you could select this option when booking.

Traveller 73281 5 months

អ្បេីនកបេីកកបណ្តេីរ​ និយាយទូរស័ព្ទបណ្តេីរ​

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