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Stef 5 months

Bus was suppossed to arrive in Sihnoukville at 13.45 but arrived at 15.05 , i had a ferry pre booked ticket for 15.00 and really just got it at the very very last minute while running from tje bus towards the ferry. The ferry was already leaving i jumped.

Nora Seng 5 months

Nora Seng 5 months

Nora Seng 5 months

Titya Sok 5 months

try menglong 5 months

Li Rana 5 months

Mary OLoughlin 5 months

Worst experience ever. A boy racer driving minibus, no thought or care given to or about passangers. We were thrown from side to side as he drove in an eratic and reckless manner.There were at least four times driver nesrly crashed into back of.vehicles

Traveller 78232 5 months

Robert 5 months

Bus departed 1,5 hour late at 4pm instead of 2.30pm. They should inform people about this before instead of waiting at their too warm office. The trip was good.

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