Traveler reviews for Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express

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Marek Polášek almost 5 years

British traveller almost 5 years

Would highly recommend no issues :)

Tara Densmore almost 5 years

Some mess is expected and understood, however obvious trash from a previous trip was strewn about the bus. There were also a number of roaches who were clearly living in the bus. Finally, the ac was broken so that it leaked a lot of water on me.

Richard B almost 5 years

Bus was on time and clean with plenty of stops for food and bathroom breaks and the driver was very safe by Cambodian standards but a bit liberal with the rules of the road by European/North American standards. I would recommend this company to others.

Kevin V almost 5 years

The name express is given credit when taking this mini-van service. A bit overloaded with packages and luggage limiting the confort each passenger had. But given the price you pay, a good value for money.

Setha Mut almost 5 years

Tara Densmore almost 5 years

The bus was slightly late which was not a big deal. Unfortunately, there was a flat tire which took 4 and a half hours to fix. At the same time, there was no communication about approximately how long the repair would take.

Yves almost 5 years

Good trip!

Yves almost 5 years

Good trip!

Rasmus almost 5 years

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