Traveler reviews for Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express

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Florent over 4 years

Florent over 4 years

Andrea almost 5 years

Björn almost 5 years

Besides the bus driver driving super fast it was perfect. Bus left phnom penh at 1pm and arrived just before 7pm. The 6 hours busride included 2 stops along the way to stretch our legs and one flat tire. Overall good experience.

Traveller 68629 almost 5 years

One of the best minivan service or our journey. It was clean and not so crowd as usual. It left on time from Mondulkiri, but it was quite in late during the way. They gave us free bottles of water. A problem was the very high speed.

Lisa almost 5 years

Sam Clarke almost 5 years

Possibly the worst experience of my life. Bus was involved in a fatal crash in which my girlfriend and I witnessed the gruesome death of a man on a bike. Heard nothing from the company and went back to Phnom Penh as very shaken. This event has scarred me.

Luca Paverani almost 5 years

Luca Paverani almost 5 years

Antonio almost 5 years

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