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Linda and Brian Gray over 4 years

Was a very unpleasant experience. The air conditioning was not working and it was extremely hot for a long five hour bus ride in very cramped seats. We have travelled throughout Asia by bus and this was our worst experience by far.

J D over 4 years

We left on time and arrived on time. As we got close to Mondulkiri the driving became more and more erratic. Insane overtaking moves, made me feel very unsafe. However this seems to be the case at all the companies that do this route.

Cristina over 4 years

Good van, good driver, we left on time and aside from some traffic in Phnom Penh the trip was fine.

Floriane Philippe over 4 years

JC over 4 years

Got us there and felt pretty safe - we got little to no leg room. They make stops on the way to make deliveries but these were generally brief. Air conditioned but no water or wifi provided, overall a fairly average service.

Cristina almost 5 years

The driver drove very fast, spending most of the time overtaking other vehicles. A tire was replaced due to a breakdown, but we arrived on time.

Gabriele almost 5 years

Natascia almost 5 years

Jeroen almost 5 years

Driver drove full speed even through villages. We had a flat tire which was fixed. Nevertheless we arrived on time. Luggage was put under the seat as, also in the space for your legs.

Jenny Spodig almost 5 years

I rated them through Google. We would never ride with them again. This can not be true. The driver was driving too fast. and after 8 hours we were only there. An impudence.

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