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Jodie almost 5 years

The journey was fine overall, little cramped. The driver stopped a lot for him to eat or pick up people from the road or drop off parcels. More like a delivery van than transport. Got to mondulkiri in around 6hours which wasn't so bad

Kuba almost 5 years

Good as usual. Comfortable Ford van with AC. Departed and arrived on time. Driving was decent, nothing crazy. Best option for Mondulkiri.

Marin almost 5 years

Greg almost 5 years

Very friendly staff in TCT's offices. Experienced driver. Punctuality was affected by public holidays. Not company's fault. The driver probably tried to catch up with the delay in last section, which led to breakneck speed on the winding mountain route.

Greg almost 5 years

Very friendly staff at TCT's offices in Sen Monorom and Phnom Penh. Relaxed and concentrated driver from Sen Monorom to Phnom Penh. Arrival in Sen Monorom was always late, so maybe plan a bigger buffer between arrival and departure at Sen Monorom.

Daniel almost 5 years

The driver was so dangerous. When turning left corners, he would drive entirely in the wrong lane, even on blind corners. He also overtook cars when going up hill and sped constantly. Very unsafe!

Marin almost 5 years

Alberto almost 5 years

El conductor más precavido que otros, forguneta en buen estado, aire acondicionado ok

Alberto about 5 years

Conducción un poco arriesgada a veces pero dentro de lo normal en Camboya.

Vanessa R. about 5 years

The driver was speeding like crazy. No sense of responsibility for his customers at all. It was a horrible trip. I would never choose this company again.

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