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jongseok over 1 year

Hiren Trivedi over 1 year

Very Nice Service and clean bus Very much on time end to end Service

Minh over 1 year

The driver is friendly, good driving skill, but the car is quite old and the loud noise from aging engine plus the backseat is too small for 4 people with broken AC, it would be better if they arrange the backseat only for 3 people and fix the AC.

Traveller 200636 over 1 year

Daniel over 1 year

Bus set off from Kratie 40 minutes late. The driver was driving extremely fast and dangerously

Élisa Kazmierczak over 1 year

The bus company told us the bus I booked did not exist even though it was available on the website. We had to travel in Virak delivery truck. No security belt, no chairback in the truck. Driver was always on his phone. The trip took 3h instead on 1h.

0 over 1 year

Daniel over 1 year

The drive was driving too fast. It was dangerous

Traveller 2470 over 1 year


Sophea over 1 year

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