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Traveller 65379 over 4 years

Natalia over 4 years

Elise almost 5 years

Départ légèrement en retard mais arrivée à l'heure prévue. Climatisation ok. Le point négatif : le chauffeur ne parle pas anglais et bus fort bruyant (musique du chauffeur, appels sur haut-parleur,...)

Traveller 11942 almost 5 years

Traveller 11942 almost 5 years

David Gibson almost 5 years

Ev almost 5 years

Prompt! New vans = better leg room/AC but not all new so sit toward front. Small roach problem but not bad. Deliver huge amounts of boxes to remote towns so expect stops, falling boxes, stuff under feet. Very full bus plus many kids on laps... chaotic

John almost 5 years

Crazy driving gets you there in 5-6hr. Van travel isn't great but no other option. Stopped TEN times. Legroom is very tight, expect boxes under your feet/next to you. Overbooked vans, loud children, people talking (screaming) on phones, broken seat belt.

Donn almost 5 years

Scary experience with the driver. We almost hit a truck on our way to Mondulkiri. He was also driving at full speed during the heavy rain. I will commend though the accommodating receptionist and punctuality of the driver.

Sarah almost 5 years

But broke down numerous times. Took us 8 hours to do a 5 hour trip. On the way back the company made us hitchhike from the side of a highway. No one in the van spoke english and we were unable to know what was going on. Wouldn't refund us.

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