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Rasmus about 5 years

Aaron about 5 years

When you book a bus, it should be a bus and not make multiple stops to drop of packages.

Asd over 5 years

No A/C as promised, the driver drove like a maniac and there was a very loud woman who did not stop talking for 6 hours straight!!

Ashley over 5 years

We were told the drive was 4-4.5 hours long, it ended up being over 6 hours. We stopped multiple times so the driver could pee on the side of the highway, use washrooms at gas stations, and buy a red bull.

D over 5 years

Way to uncomfortable over 5 years

The bus was late at the start. The driver kept on stopping along the road to shop, buy food and other things... We arrived 2h late. If you are tall expect to have sore legs and no head rest. Be ready to have a bumby ride. Good luck

Marc Bechtold over 5 years

A comfortable and punctual ride with enough breaks, but still within the promised range of time. I’ll definitely use TCT Mondulkiri Express again!

Cathie McIntyre over 5 years

Extremely dissatisfied that there were not seatbelts for assigned seats. What does VIP mean? Safety needs to come first. Driving was too fast, though the driver was good. I will return to Phnom Penh on the van only because I already have purchased a ticke

Traveler over 5 years

Great ride and very quick. We stopped at all the towns along the way for breaks and deliveries. Unfortunately we hit and killed a dog on the way which is bound to happen with uncontrolled breeding and the way you drive in Cambodia. Don't blame the driver.

Mel over 5 years

Arrived before the scheduled arrival time! Fantastic!

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