Traveler reviews for Thy Socheata (T.C.T.) Express

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Gina over 3 years

Some delay because of the goods wich did not fit easy in the bus. And a lot of stopt to drop/pick up packets.

V over 3 years

This bus company is excellent! There may be late departures sometimes, but all else is quite good

Unsafe drive but on time over 3 years

The driver drove crazy all way long. Its behaviour was really risky and put all passengers in danger several times! I would have preferred arriving 1 hour later but being way safer during the trip.

1234 over 3 years

Rotanak over 3 years

TCT bus seats are not as comfortable as they used to be.

Elodie over 3 years

Horrible ! It's a shame to treat peoples like that! No place for our legs ! Even our arms ! Because the van was full of luggages. I don't recommend at all! 6 jours like that it's hell!

Antoine over 3 years

Jana over 3 years

The driver drove kind of fast at times but overall excellent service!

Kath over 3 years

Everything is great just tiny space for long leg, and driver drive too fast... Risk my life to Mondulkiri

Traveller 68774 over 3 years

We booked tickets back to Phnom Penh via TCT but unfortunately car was broken on the way to MDK and we have been transferred to another vehicle company which really disappointed us.

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